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 Who We Are

 At Banana Bread Co, our skilled artisans specialize in homemade breads and decadent flavors crafted from the finest ingredients. To ensure the highest quality, we invest an incredible amount of time in perfecting recipes that promise to satisfy with every bite. All our loaves are made fresh, right when ordered, seven days a week. From our ovens to your front door, the most exacting care is taken to ensure that the bread you receive is exactly the bread we intended—moist, dense, and rich.

Dark chocolate cheesecake. Cranberry Nut Bread. Hot Chocolate Oreo Bread. Or Even Our Original Banana Bread.  Banana Bread’s flavor combinations are unparalleled. Our line of delightfully traditional and scrumptiously eclectic breads caters to every occasion and all four seasons. No matter the time of day, who could resist a warm slice of apple crumb or pumpkin bread? We certainly couldn’t. In fact, customers tell us that midnight snacks haven’t been the same since they discovered BananaBreadCo.

Our drive for perfection is unending because our commitment to our customers is unwavering. Just like our humble beginnings, we believe in putting in the work to garner the utmost results. We understand that excellence takes effort; we know that ingredients matter. Our breads are a product of this tireless dedication to our craft and earnest desire to offer only the best. And we think you’ll agree.

So go ahead, choose a flavor. Not sure where to start? Give us a call. We know a thing or two about finding just the perfect bread.

 Meet The Team

Baker/Managing Partner

Rob Brigati’s passion for bread started at a young age. His grandmother, who lived on the family farm, would make breads at home and sell them fresh from her kitchen. The variety of flavors she produced was modest, but the consistent quality of every loaf was a testament to her skill. Rich, moist, and delicious, one slice was never enough. It was through his grandmother’s example that Rob gained an appreciation for the art of bread making and a taste of the flavorful possibilities.

Today, Rob continues the Banana Breads tradition of handmade breads by building upon what his grandmother did so well. The process and attention to detail remain the same, but the scale has significantly widened. Over 30 varieties of breads and pound cakes, and counting, are now sold every day at White Post Farms. The list continues to grow because Rob, who studied at the Culinary Institute of America, is constantly looking to meet and exceed the demands of his customers. When they suggest new flavor combinations, he and his staff listen. Every new bread or pound cake is the result of endless hours spent in the kitchen mixing ingredients, taste testing, and perfecting recipes. Anything less than excellent is scratched because Rob believes in making and serving only the best. A lofty ambition? Perhaps. But Rob would have it no other way, and his customers have come to expect nothing less.

Bread Maker

A dedicated and knowledgeable bread maker, George has been with White Post Farms and Banana Bread Co for more than 15 years. He has a knack for culinary breads that has been honed from repetition in the kitchen and attention to his craft. Working alongside head baker Rob Brigati, George is integral to new product development, from initial concept and testing through to completion.

Betty and Christine

Shipping and Customer Support

Checking each and every one of our breads before their way out the door. Betty and Christine not only ensure the high standards of quality we pride ourselves on with each and every bread. They monitor any and all of your inquiries regarding our products and are best at knowing what pairs best with your banana bread!

 Our Ingredients

Throughout history, in every culture, bread has been a staple food craved and beloved by the masses. Perfected by artisans and handed down from generation to generation, its incarnations have been many, and yet the possibilities remain endless. Every day brings with it a new opportunity to create a loaf of bread unique in flavor and texture, exemplary in concept and execution. Not to mention, the tools and techniques used in the process continue to evolve and contribute to the breathtaking diversity of bread choices presented to us today.

At Banana Bread Co, we are proud to honor the tradition of bread making. Our artisans are committed to time-honored practices, yet also eager to explore new ideas from which to craft original recipes. We are unreasonable in our pursuit of the highest quality; we go to great lengths to ensure that every loaf of bread that leaves our kitchen is indicative of our passion and expertise.

And it all begins with the ingredients.

No matter the type of bread, the technique used, the geographic area, or the time period, one constant in bread making has always been this: Quality bread is a reflection of the freshest ingredients. There has never been, nor will there ever be, an exception. Great bread making hinges on it, and your taste buds know it.

To begin with, we have never used preservatives. Bread is baked to be savored and enjoyed, not simply prepped to be stored and distributed in bulk. Every loaf is wonderfully unique.

We handpick the eggs and crack them in our kitchen. Only the finest European butter and pure Madagascar vanilla extract find their way into our recipes. The apples are fresh, the sweet potatoes carefully selected, and the bananas always ripe.

Size and quantity matter to our customers, and therefore, it is of great importance to us. We peel and grate zucchini every day—and lots of it. The only pumpkins we use are the densest ones we can find, including delicious cheese pumpkins. We use only the largest cranberries, jumbo-sized blueberries, and colossal walnuts in our recipes.
We never substitute for what we know works, and that’s why every chocolate bread and pound cake we offer calls for the finest dark chocolate from Guittard.

Even though our home is on the farm, where fresh ingredients abound, our demand for the best sometimes necessitates travel. For example, the carrots we use are the sweetest in the world, without question, fresh from California.

Our lemon flavor comes from pure lemon zest.

We could go on, but the point is clear.

Our devotion to bread is sincere; our commitment to our customers is paramount. We go above and beyond to incorporate only the freshest, highest quality ingredients because we will settle for nothing less. Our bread has a reputation to uphold and a loyal customer following to impress every day, whether they have been coming to us for years or are here for the first time.

We also love what we do. That helps, too.

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