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Dark Chocolate Cheesecake Bread


Product Description

Chocolate lovers and cheesecake enthusiasts have finally found common ground. Only the finest Belgian dark chocolate goes into our dark chocolate cheesecake bread, along with chocolate pudding, cocoa powder, and the finest vanilla. The result is edible decadence. Rich, dense, and moist, this is one bread you will have trouble believing is, well, a bread at all.

Serving suggestion:
Dark chocolate and cheesecake seldom need any explanation. Served alone, the combination is often enough to satisfy and then some, but our customers have given us plenty of ideas over the years. Try slicing a few thin, delicate pieces, then fry lightly, and lather fine European butter on both sides of each slice. Serve warm next to a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Or, if cheese and a lot of it is more your style, try a slice with a topping of Philadelphia cream cheese.

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