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Banana Nut Bread


Product Description

Our classic banana favorite is just as enticing, if not more so, when coupled with a wonderfully nutty flavor and crunchy texture. We’ve taken our beloved banana recipe and added in just the right amount of jumbo-sized walnuts. Every bite is a rich blast of banana flavor and hearty nutrition. Did you know that walnuts contain a significant amount of heart-healthy omega-3s, protein, vitamins, and minerals? Well, it’s true, but chances are you’ll be too busy savoring every last morsel to notice.

Serving suggestion:
Just like our banana bread and banana dark chocolate breads, banana nut is deliciously versatile. Try it as French toast or serve it alongside a scoop of ice cream in the summer months. Just as acceptable would be to serve yourself a slice, with a tall cup of milk, and enjoy the rich nutty flavors all by their delicious lonesome.


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