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Apple Crumb Bread


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Product Description

Inspired by the classics – homemade apple pie and dense, filling crumb cake – our apple crumb bread is a fall favorite bursting with rich, all-natural flavors. Freshly shaved granny smith apples picked from the farm are blended with just the right amount of warm, spicy cinnamon to create an irresistibly moist and delicious bread topped off with a buttery layer of crumbly goodness.

Serving Suggestion:
Start your day off right with a slice of our apple crumb bread. Toast it lightly until golden brown and serve with a thin layer of butter. Or better yet, try apple butter! Pair with a bold cup of coffee and enjoy the morning of a new breakfast tradition. Still want more? Warm apple crumb bread and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream together make for the perfect after-dinner dessert on a cool autumn night.

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